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​跑步好正 跑完有得食仲正 




艾頓住喺大西北,嗰邊嘅山座座都好熟,就諗咗條短短地 20 公里嘅路線畀大家玩下,由八鄉跑過四排石山,再跑埋大欖涌水塘主壩,終點就喺深井附近。



主編仲話 : 第一日完成嘅朋友,如果有緣相見,請佢食燒鵝瀨粉。

Nice View Nice Food 

After The 12 Peaks and Tsing Kung Run, Elton is preparing a new race this summer. He lives in the Northwest of Hong Kong for years and is familiar with all the mountains in that area.


Therefore, he has planned a short 20km route: starting from Pat Heung, climbing Sai Pai Shek Shan, running around Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, then to Sham Tseng. The scenery along the route is gorgeous with mountain ridges, reservoirs, valleys, and a famous bamboo path. People run comfortably under shade trees in the last 4km. For such a short distance, even people start in the late afternoon for cooler weather, they are still able to finish before sunset.

If you join the race on the first day and are lucky enough to see Elton at the finish line, he will probably buy you a bowl of Roast Goose Rice-Spaghetti.

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