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Goose Run Logo-23.png
Goose Run Logo-23.png
Goose Run Logo-23.png
Goose Run Logo-23.png
Goose Run Logo-23.png
Goose Run Logo-23.png
Goose Run Logo-23.png
Goose Run Logo-23.png
Goose Run Logo-23.png

建議裝備 Recommended Gears



Participants are suggested to bring enough food and drinks, and a mobile phone with a valid network, some cash and an Octopus card when starting. Participants must apply appropriate gears which must be in good condition for the activity.


號碼布 Number BIB


Participants can choose to show their number BIB or not. Participants are required to write the username of Strava on the BIB.

不得亂拋垃圾 No Littering


No littering is allowed on the course. Any participant is found littering, his result will be disqualified. Please hold trash until you arrive at the finish line.

路線標記 Route Marking



All participants should read the route before they start. For Real Races, there are markings along the routes. For Virtual Races, there is NO MARKING along routes.

計時及成績 Timing & Result

大會利用手機應用程式 TRAILME 計時及記錄活動過程。參加者有責任確保所使用的裝置有足夠電量運作。大會不接受大會建議之外的任何計時方法。

Timing will be supported by mobile app TRAILME. Participants should ensure the power of their devices can last for the whole activity. Any activity record other than the suggested APP is not accepted.

導航 Navigation

大會利用手機應用程式 ViewRanger 準備好路線,參加者起步前可以開啟該程式的導航功能。參加者亦可以上載路線 GPX 檔案至常用的導航儀器,如 GPS 手錶。

All the route is prepared on ViewRanger. Participants can activate the navigation on Viewranger. Participants may also upload the GPX file of the route to their favorite devices. 

不得走捷徑 No Shortcut


All participants must follow the route. Participants will be disqualified if they are found running shortcuts.

不設上訴 No Appeal


The organizer’s decision on any disqualification is final.

緊急情況 Emergency


In case of emergency, please call the police.

惡劣天氣 Adverse Weather

所有參加者在出發前請查詢香港天文台的天氣預告,如天氣惡劣 ( 颱風、暴雨、雷暴 ) 請勿出發,如活動時遇上惡劣天氣請所有參加者暫停活動及留在結構穩固的遮蔽處。


Participants are recommended to check the weather forecast from Hong Kong Observatory. Do not start in case of the following adverse weather condition (typhoon, heavy rain, thunderstorm). If participants face adverse weather conditions during the activity, please stop and stay in a well-structured shelter.
When the "Very Hot Weather Warning" is in force, participants should not start running. If they are in the race, they should stop running immediately. 

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