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Climbing Star.jpg
Goose Run sec-04.png

登神 Climbing Star

from Start Point Pat Heung Road to Sai Pai Shek Shan

路段 Section : 0-2.7km
長度 Distance : 2.7km

攀升 Elevation Gain : 328m

壩王 Dam Star


from West Dam to Main Dam of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

路段 Section : 10.6 - 14.1km
長度 Distance : 3.5km

攀升 Elevation Gain : 54m

Dam Star.jpg
Goose Run sec2-05.png
Dash Star.jpg
Goose Run 衝仙-06.png

衝仙 Dash Star

The last part of the route along Tai Lam Forest Track Tsing Lung Tau Section down to Sham Tseng BBQ Site No.1

路段 Section : 18.6 – 20.4km
長度 Distance : 1.8km

下降 Elevation Loss : 110m

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