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The course of Roast Goose Run is very interesting. Our Race Director, Elton, has designed 3 sections for participants to challenge. Some participants can challenge the overall ranking. Some can try to win a place in the section leaderboards.

Participants can try the course as many times as they want. All the qualified results will be listed on the leaderboard, i.e. a participant can have multiple listings. It is quite exciting to see the change in ranking over the whole event period. The best result of each participant is eligible for the Championship.

This short 20km trail can be both easy and challenging. Different runners can experience a different kind of fun in this race.



If a runner is strong in uphill, he may try the climbing section of Sai Pai Shek Shan. The winner is entitled to 'Climbing Star'.

​登神 Climbing Star

From Start Point Pat Heung Road to Sai Pai Shek Shan

路段 Section : 0 - 2.7km
長度 Distance : 2.7km

攀升 Elevation Gain : 328m

From West Dam to Main Dam of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

路段 Section : 10.6 - 14.1km
長度 Distance : 3.5km

攀升 Elevation Gain : 54m

壩王 Dam Star


If a runner is good at flat trails, the dam section is definitely designed for him. The winner is called 'Dam Star'.

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From the last part of the route along Tai Lam Forest Track Tsing Lung Tau Section down to Sham Tseng BBQ Site No.1

路段 Section : 18.6 - 20.4km
長度 Distance : 1.8km

下降 Elevation Loss : 110m

衝仙 Dash Star

如果參加者擅長下坡,在最後 1.8 公里的馬路路段,可以享受盡情衝落山的機會,冠軍毫無疑問獲封為「衝仙」

Someone may enjoy downhill, then he will definitely love the last 1.8 km of the race. The winner is called 'Dash Star'.

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Men Winner, Women Winner






After the event, if there is a participant who can win the whole racecourse and all the 3 section challenges in a single run, he/she will be honored as the "Ultimate Champion". There is only one male and one female winner each.

It is very hard to win 4 in a row in a single run. Perhaps no one can win the prize.

#1 註 : 有關獎品分發,大會不會分發多於一個獎項給得獎者 (終極全能王的獎項除外)。


#1 Remarks:About the prize allocation, each winner can be entitled to ONE prize only (except Ultimate Champion). Participants, who are not entitled to any prize in overall ranking, can be entitled to a prize in section challenge. If a participant wins more than one prize in the section challenge, he / she will be asked to choose one of the prizes only.

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